We should learn lesson from history: Shah Mehmood Qureshi


PTI central leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi has cautioned we should learn lesson from the history as history tells us country dismembered due to our mistakes in the past.

“the entire nation knows how enthusiastically Imran Khan loves Pakistan. We should learn a lesson from the history. Our defense assets are indispensible for our survival. Imran Khan is supporter of seeing our institutions strong and robust. The history tells us when we committed mistakes in the past the country broke up”, he said this in a statement issued here Thursday.

Turbulence surfaced in Balochistan in the past due to our mistakes, he held. In the past the anti peace forces gave notion of Pakhtoonistan and attemtp4ed to create divide in the country.

Our institutions and people will have to take right decisions for security and solidarity of the country by learning lesson from the past, he stressed. We have to ensure the security of our defence power.

Don’t forget there are such forces which are out to erode Pakistan internally, he underlined.

Overcoming the worst economic situation is biggest challenge for us at present, he said cautioning the country is close to bankruptcy due to the prevailing economic situation.

If the country is declared bankrupt then the restrictions which are imposed on us will be sterner than the present curbs.

He went on to say Pakistan army is guarantor of the safety of our national, geographical and ideological borders and defence of the country.