Imran Khan agreement behind financial woes of the country: Miftah Ismail


Finance minister Miftah Ismail has said the financial woes of the country are by product of the agreement executed by Imran Khan.

Talking to a private TV channel he said subsidy on petroleum products is not bearable. We were heading towards default due to subsidy on petroleum.

He alleged Imran Khan slapped levy Rs 30 on petrol and what economic woes we are suffering are due to the agreement made by Imran Khan. Coal plants are also not functioning.

Miftah Ismail said the people understand that the inflation and devastation is due to Imran Khan.

Why Imran Khan did not purchase oil from Russia in February.

The inflation has hit the country due to Imran Khan. This can not be curbed within five weeks.

As soon as budget comes we will try to curb the price hike., he said that the assemblies will run till the completion of their tenure upto August 2023.