Sara Ali Khan opens up on her parents’ divorce


Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan recently revealed her take on her parents Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s divorce, and said that they are “much happier now”.

In an interview, Sara shared that she’s always had the tendency to mature a bit faster than othes of her age. Elaborating further, she noted that even at the age of 9, she had the maturity to understand that two people ( her parents ) staying together at the home were not happy and suddenly they were at a much better place, and happier when they started living in two homes.

According to Indian media reports, she revealed that, her mom, who didn’t laugh in 10 years, was suddenly happy, beautiful and excited, like she deserves to be. That made Sara feel revelieved having two happy parents in two happy homes and that wasn’t difficult for her to process at all.