This is correct too, state is involved in enforced disappearances: IHC


Islamabad (Muhammad Basharat – Online): Islamabad High Court (IHC) has remarked defence minister is subordinate to whom.

The court further remarked “ either Prime Minister (PM) should say he is helpless and if he is not helpless then the constitution holds him responsible.. PM should say before this court so that court could take action against some one.

The petitions against non recovery of missing persons including Mudassar Naroo came up for hearing before a single bench of IHC presided over by Chief Justice (CJ) IHC Athar Minallah here Friday.
Deputy Attorney General (DAG) told the court federal cabinet has constituted committee comprising ministers in the matter of missing persons.

The CJ IHC remarked “ read out what this court had written in its previous order. It was written in this order missing persons be recovered and presented. Where they are.

DAG told the court federal government has constituted committee. Investigating agencies are also making their efforts.

The court remarked this court should not be entangled in the committees. Tell us if the implementation has been made or otherwise. Where is federal government action. Court will not accept eye wash. At present the people are being lifted daily. No one is there to ask about it.

The court had ordered to issue notice to Pervez Musharraf and all the Prime ministers who came after him. These notices and affidavits are where. This is the most important matter. The attitude of state is sorrowful in this regard. Have the meetings of the committees set up by the federal government taken place.

The court had ordered if its orders are not implemented then the present and previous interior ministers should appear before the court. where is interior minister. Is the court’s order being implemented. Will it look good that court summons chief executive.
The court had ordered that order be implemented. All the governments are defying constitution and their oath.

The court while addressing the counsel of the missing persons remarked you had diverted attention to an important aspect during the previous hearing. There are 10 cases like this that people went missing and later it became known they were tried and were awarded punishment.

Col (Retd) Inam ul Rahim advocate told the court we came to know later from jail that some of them were tried and were awarded death sentence. They were awarded punishment under official secret act.

The court inquired if the families of those who were put to trial did not know about it.
The defence counsel no they did not know about it. Their families came to know about it from jail later.

The court remarked federal cabinet has constituted a committee. Although it is equal to non but some step may have been taken.
The court remarked this court should hold whom responsible of these enforced disappearances. Tell us if there is state within state here. Police, IB and agencies of armed forces are alleged.

Inam ul Rahim told the court should hold Prime Minister responsible who knows all about it.

The court remarked tell us about one among these cases who has lifted him.

Amna Masood Janjua told the court notice should be issued to defence minister.

The court remarked this matter should have been priority for the federal government and all the political leadership.
DAG told the court we will inform the court on next hearing what efforts are being made for the recovery of missing persons.

The CJ IHC remarked no efforts are being made for recovery of missing persons. The court had ordered that the steps be taken to inform the people about the difficulties facing the missing persons. Has federal government issued direction to the PEMRA.

The representative of ministry of information told the court we had directly written to Pakistan Broadcasters association they should implement court’s orders.

The court inquired then how much programs were held after it about missing persons. Don’t play game with this court. Over what you are worried.

Inam ul Rahim advocate told the court we talk about missing persons while ban has been imposed on my appearance in TV programs. From Musharraf till now enforced disappearances is policy of state institution. This court issues order even then people are being lifted now.

DAG requested that court should give time till next hearing. Attorney General himself will assist the court.

The court remarked what you have done with the order of this court it has left the court to say nothing more. State should trace and give report that they have gone. There is no difference over it that they go on their own. But there is some responsibility of the state. This is correct too state is involved in enforced disappearances. Extra judicial killings were done in this country. Police have been doing it.

Amna Masood Janjua told the court this court should issue summons to the prime minister so that pressure piles up on him. Show cause notice be issued to federal government for not implementing the court’s orders.

The court inquired Attorney General will return to Pakistan when.

The court was told he will likely to return to Pakistan within 10 days.

The hearing of the case was adjourned for 10 days.