IHC accepts Imaan Mazari advocate plea against registration of case on controversial statement


Islamabad (Muhammad Basharat – Online): Islamabad High Court (IHC) has accepted Imaan Mazari plea against the registration of the case on a controversial statements against the institutions.

The case came up for hearing before single bench of IHC led by Chief Justice (CJ) Athar Minallah Monday.

At the inception of hearing of the case the counsel for ministry of defence told the court Imaan Mazari should tender apology through press on her statement.

The court remarked Imaan Mazaari has expressed regret over her statement already.

Zainab Janjua advocate counsel for Imaan Mazari told the court we had said on the first day that what word was used had no justification.

The CJ IHC remarked Imaan Mazari is officer of the court She should not use such words. She has regretted before this court. Now you want what more. See the time of her giving the statement that what had happened with her mother at that time.

Counsel for the defence ministry told the court Imaan Mazaari is like our daughter but please see her previous conduct.

Upon it Zainab Janjua advocate told the court we became part of investigation under court’s orders despite our reservations. What statement we were giving to police they were writing some thing else. We said to police we would file reply on our own. Imaan Mazari kept on telephoning police for filing her written statement.

The court accepted the plea for abolition of case against Imaan Mazari after hearing the arguments of the lawyers.

The court declared the bail plea infructuous after abolishing the case.