Faysal Qureshi says he was rejected for playing ‘Parizad’


Leading Pakistani actor and host Faysal Qureshi has revealed that he was interested in playing the main lead in recent block buster drama “Parizad”, but he was rejected for it.

“I am very glad, in recent times, Parizaad got hit, I actually made fun of a few people (who were against it), I really wanted to do that script but I was rejected, people said that it is a flop, don’t go for it,” Faysal said during a podcast with Junaid Akram.

“The writer also got upset with me but I said to him people warned me that it won’t work, but still it was a hit, it changed the trend, and even before Parizaad, Pyare Afzal, Bashar Momin and Mera Saaeen have changed trends,” he told Junaid Akram.