Imran Khan is being facilitated from abroad, Javed Latif


LAHORE, May 20th (Online): Federal Minister Mian Javed Latif has said, Imran Khan is being facilitated from abroad.

There are rumors to send him out. No one should dare to send him abroad.

If the hands of those who play with the country’s economy are not cut off, there will be a lot of loss

While holding a press conference at Lahore Federal Minister has said, Imran Khan is being facilitated from abroad.

Are the financial institutions not playing politics with Pakistan?

Foreign powers are interfering in Pakistan.

Did Anti-Pakistan forces receive letter before?

What has been done with Nawaz Sharif and his family, has any letter came on it?

He has said, PTV and Prime Minister House were attacked.

People sitting in institutions who cannot do politics are doing politics.

Those who play with the economy of the country cannot be forgiven.

Javed Latif has said, all over the world, our defense institutions were mocked at.

Will regret and condemnation compensate the humiliation suffered by our institutions ?

If these people had been awarded punishment in past then it would not have happened so today.

Many secrets are buried in the chests of political leaders.

Those who become instruments of global conspiracies do not deserve any concession.

Our sate is not safe in their hands .

I will break the silence if my state is threatened.

The characters of 2017 will have to be exposed.

Why no one showed concern when RTS was shut in 2018?

The situation will not change if we don’t expose the characters of 9th and 10th May.

He has said, we will not anything except constitution.

Parliament makes law and other institutions has no right to rewrite them.
Speaker has authority to accept or reject resignation.

The nation will not accept what is being played with Pakistan

Any party should not accept those people of PTI who are involved in terrorism.

State is our motherland and political parties do not accept those who conspire against motherland.

Nawaz Sharif made national defense impregnable. Why he was made a hijacker?

Is such treatment meted out to benefactors ?