PPP, PML-N had opposed legislation on FATF, on what basis they are trying to take credit: Shah Mehmood Qureshi


PTI Vice chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said PPP and PML-N had opposed it when PTI led government was legislating with reference to FATF.

的 wonder today these two parties are trying to take credit of what thing, he said this in a statement issued here Tuesday.

展hen we were enacting legislation with regard to FATF these two parties PPP and PML-N were avoiding this process, he added. When we tried to convince them that law making with reference to FATF is in national interest then they placed before us NRO-2.

It is beyond comprehension the incumbent government is trying to take credit of what today while they had opposed legislation regarding FATF.

The two parties said they will support government in the legislation in respect of FATF if they are given relief in NAB cases otherwise they will not support us, he indicated. All the action plan in this regard was completed during our tenure. On the basis of which they decided to in plenary session that final decision will be made after regarding grey list after site visit.

He claimed that planning, administrative nature measures and legislation in this regard was made during PTI led government tenure. Hammad Azhar evolved a consensus strategy in collaboration with finance ministry and foreign ministry. The concerned authorities of our military institution and state bank extended full-fledged cooperation in this regard. How many benchmarks were determined by FATF, we made headway in satisfactory way on them.

It is hoped FATF team while seeing positive progress during their visit will take positive decision, he hoped.