What Your Personal Statement Doesn’t Say About You


Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Whether you are in the precontemplation stage of your personal statement or have a finished first draft, the personal statement can be a uniquely challenging and vexing beast. The “personal” in personal statement is almost a misnomer because, for some, this might be the most widely read piece of writing you ever compose. Though your readership is vast, and said readership is responsible for making decisions about your future, remember, keep it personal.

Also: Maintain humility while speaking to your successes and demonstrate a single-minded commitment to volunteering, academic achievement, research, and fellow student community — all while pursuing hobbies that cultivate a deep interpersonal life as wild and thrumming with activity as an unpruned garden to help maintain the facade of a completely relatable, down-to-earth, 8-hour sleeping, 3-meals-a-day eating human being that sells handmade wax candles on Etsy, sends cards on birthdays, and calls home every Sunday.