Governor Punjab ordinance on summoning PA session challenged in LHC


PTI has challenged in Lahore High Court (LHC) the ordinance promulgated by governor Punjab with reference to Punjab Assembly (PA).

The petition was filed by MS Zainab Umair, PTI member of PA through her counsel Azhar Siddique here Wednesday.

The petitioner has taken plea that governor Punjab promulgated ordinance on June 14 with reference to provincial assembly powers which runs contrary to the constitution.

She further said in the petition that through the ordinance promulgated by governor Punjab the powers of secretary assembly were limited and powers for notifying or denotifying the session were assigned to law secretary.

The ordinance promulgated by governor is in clash with rules of assembly and is in defiance of constitution.

The petition further said governor is not authorized to summon PA session outside the assembly.

Therefore, the ordinance promulgated by governor Punjab be nullified by declaring it contrary to the constitution.

The implantation of the ordinance be also stopped till the decision of this petition.

The petitioner prayed the court to declare the session illegal.