Netanyahu may return to power in Israel, report


Israel’s former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who lost power last year, may return to power this fall, a report from The New York Times revealed Wednesday.

“My friends and I will form a national government,” Netanyahu said in a video message, as soon as the Israeli government collapsed. “A government that will take care of you, all of the citizens of Israel, with no exceptions,” Mr. Netanyahu added, according to The New York Times.

A political turmoil has been hitting Israel hard in recent years, with four general elections taking place already in previous four years, and a fifth on the cards as well. However, the report revealed that any political block in Israel may will not be able to gain majority in next general elections as well – most probably to be held in winters.

Netanyahu has been the longest serving Prime Minister of the country, and now has the chance to add to his previous 15 years in power, a tenure in which he shaped contemporary Israeli discourse and priorities more than any other figure.