We will rein in difficulties within two to three months: Miftah Ismail


Minister for Finance and Revenue Miftah Ismail has said Imran Khan has left the country on the brink of bankruptcy and we have saved the country from default.

“ we are levying taxes on the rich so that we should not extend hands before others. We will rein in the difficulties within two to three months. Imran Khan breached agreement with the IMF which escalated the inflation, he said this while addressing a press conference here with Minster for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb Thursday.

He went on to say We have not shifted burden of taxes on the poor segments of the society. We have jacked up tax on sugar mills. We are slapping taxes on the rich people so that we should not extend hands. Tax is meant for only poor people in Pakistan but have slapped tax on the companies of sons of Prime Minister (PM). More tax will be slapped on my own company too. Too much taxes were imposed during the PTI era.

He indicated one percent more tax will be imposed on those having income more than Rs 150 million, 2 percent tax on income more than Rs 200 million, 3 per tax on income more than Rs 250 million and 4 percent more tax on income more than Rs 300 million. With imposition new taxes, the amount of tax to be imposed on my company will increase at least Rs 200 million to Rs 250 million.

We will close budget by making speech in National Assembly (NA), he indicated.

Headway has been made on agreement with IMF, he claimed. China too has signed agreement of 2.3 billion dollars. The money will come to us till Monday.

During the period of 4 years Imran Khan obtained loan more than 80 percent. When PTI government had come then the debt stood at 25000 billion dollars and when they left the government then the debt had soared to 45000 billion dollars. How can you talk of sovereignty when you obtain loans at such larger scale.

Imran Khan should tell us as to why he was going to turn Pakistan into Srilanka. The real sovereignty will be achieved when the budget deficit of the country ends and we will have to obtain no more loan.

When Imran Khan was conducting March the rulers were making bigger decisions. We are responsible for every thing no matter it is due to our mistake or otherwise.

Imran Khan government could not control prices of sugar while Shahbaz Sharif curtailed the prices of atta ghee, he stated.

He remarked Prime Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif is providing relief to 80 million people. Mobile units of Utility stores will ;provide commodities to the people at their door step at subsidized rates.