Meera Starts Crying At Press Conference


Meera is a versatile and bold Pakistani film actress, model, television presenter, and a leading philanthropist who has been a part of showbiz industry since a long time.

Meera has been a part of various lollywood dramas and films till date. Meera is one of those actress who often remains under the limelight for several reasons.

Recently, lollywood diva Meera got emotional at a press conference as she questions that why Pakistani cinemas are promoting international films, rather than promoting their own local films.

“My film Sohni Mahiwal didn’t even got a cinema to present our film, without any specific reason. Other Pakistani film which were released on Eid-ul-Fitr were removed from cinema houses, why? We don’t want to be a part of headlines but we are not treated fairly.

People want us to remain silent and not even talk about it, this is totally unfair. Is this our fault that we belong and support Pakistani Industry? I have no idea what will happen with our film industry in coming years”, added Meera.