Coronavirus: Do you have a COVID cough? Experts reveal the best sleeping position for relief


Persistent cough was one of the most reported symptoms of COVID-19 during the second wave of coronavirus.

While with the Omicron variant, sore throat, runny nose, and body pain have become more common, cough continues to be one of the reigning COVID-19 symptoms. What’s even worse is that people who recover from the disease continue to experience a lingering, discomforting cough weeks and months after recovery, classified as long COVID.

In light of such occurrences, experts have come up with ways to help patients treat this symptom that is even depriving people of their sleep at night.

While a normal cough is usually a reflex action to clear dust, phlegm and other irritants from your lungs and windpipe, a COVID cough is characterized by dry, persistent cough that is triggered by the virus.
Dry coughs usually occur without any phlegm or mucus and may have a hacking sound, as per experts.

It has a consistent rough sound to it since it is not accompanied by mucus. Other things that separates it with a normal cough is that COVID cough is usually persistent and can linger on for weeks and sometimes even months.

The best sleeping position to help you get some relief

According to the UK’s National Health Services, those who have a persistent cough associated with coronavirus, it’s best to avoid lying on your back. It is believed that lying flat on one’s back can cause mucus to accumulate in your throat, which can trigger a cough.