Turkey, Egypt join ‘Srinagar G20 Boycott’group


ISLAMABAD 21 May (Online): India Prime Minister Narendra Modi plans to normalise the controversial action of August 2019 met global resistance after China, now Turkey, and Egypt also ‘decided’ to skip the G20 summit in picturesque Srinagar of Occupied Valley.

The Indian efforts suffered a major blow as a number of G20 countries have either refused to attend a tourism moot scheduled or skipped registration to attend the event.

According to WION report, Turkey has consistently leaned towards Pakistan on the Kashmir dispute and the country has also raised the Kashmir issue at international forums.

Turkey brought up the issue in the United Nations General Assembly and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), urging the international community to play a more active role in finding a solution and addressing the human rights concerns in Kashmir.

Along with G20 members, representatives from a number of international institutions and guest nations have also been invited. India invited Egypt but the Middle Easter country has skipped the registration process of the G20 summit.