2 Billion dollars will be received from IMF but our real goal is self reliance: PM


Prime Minister (PM) Shahbaz Sharif has said 2 billion dollars will be received from IMF but our real goal is self-reliance.

“Self reliance is guarantee for the economic and political independence of any country. We will bring eocnomic stability in 14 months. We will have to make better decisions by burying differences and shunning personal likes and dislikes. We will have to eliminate red tapism, permit , favoritism and NOC raj”,he said this while addressing the inaugural session of Turn Around Pakistan Conference being hosted by Ministry of Planning and Development in Islamabad on Tuesday,

Miftah Ismail has told that IMF will give us 2 billion dollars instead of one billion dollars. It is a good thing. But our real objective is self reliance.

Pakistan is enriched with natural resources worth billion of rupees but we could not tap them so far.

The number one brains of the world are sitting before me. Treasure of billion of rupees is buried in Recko Deck but we have not earned even a penny. We wasted billion of dollars from national exchequer in constesting case.

He reiterated Pakistan is a nuclear power. The modern proejct of Haveli Bahadar Shah 1200 megawqatts electricity generation was to be completed 2 years back. But it could not run so far. This caused loss of million of rupees to national ecoomy. Due to this project employment opportunties were to be created for the jobless people and it was to provide inexpensive electricvity to us.

The Prime Minister said the country is faced with difficult challenges but it is our utmost effort to collectively steer the country out of them. He expressed satisfaction that majority of the affluent class has accepted the super tax which will help generate two hundred and thirty billion rupees. He assured that this money will not be spent on current expenditures but will be used for economic development. He said a policy will be framed very soon which will encompass these development schemes.

Regretting delay in completion of various projects as well as the failure of previous government to sign on spot or long term agreement for purchase of LNG, he said we are now importing coal from Afghanistan to address the issue of power outages. He said since this transaction will be in Pakistani rupee, this will help country save two billion dollars. He said this coal is suitable for the power projects installed under the CPEC.

The Prime Minister asked participants of the conference to give suggestions for uplifting agriculture and agro based industries and bolstering of exports besides that do away with obstacles in the way of businesses and investment. He said we want to end red-tapism and the culture of NOCs within a month.

Today when the world is going throug crisis no country has extended offer to us to provide us LNG, he indicated.

There are certain beneifits of coalition government but besides it some challenges have to be faced, he reamrked. Consultation is important process. Consultation on decisoins is democratic process. We will discharge our obligations, he announced.

Political stability is must for economic stability, he said adding “ for economic stability I will request the intellectuals who are sitting here to play their due role on this count.