Special logo titled ‘Azam Ali Shaan’ released in connection with 75th anniversary of Pakistan


Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that a special logo titled ‘Azam Ali Shaan, Shaad Rahey Pakistan has been released in connection with the 75th anniversary of establishment of Pakistan.

In a statement Wednesday, she renewed the pledge to emulate the life of our great and valiant forefathers and martyrs to make Pakistan economically strong, self reliant and welfare state and its defense impregnable.

She observed this is important to achieve the main objectives of creation of Pakistan and bring such ease in the lives of the people, the dream of which was seen by the Muslims of the sub-continent.

She held the youth of Pakistan will become genuine builders of the nation and lead in every walk of life including education, employment and business through the vision of economic self-reliance. She said we will make our youth decision makers.

She expressed the confidence that like the creation of Pakistan, the dream of making Pakistan an Islamic welfare, developed and economically sovereign state will also realize.