Prince William, Kate Middleton will have ‘great time’ at birthday without Sussex drama


Prince William and Kate Middleton should not invite Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to their birthday, say Britons.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who are preparing to host a bash for their 40th birthdays, are tipped to invite the Californian royals- a decision massively rejected by UK public.

“Absolutely NOT,” answered one in a poll conducted by
“No definitely not,” added one, while another wrote: “It is for William to decide. I don’t think Kate will say anything, but leave it up to William.
“I know it’s her birthday party as well but she will go with William.”

“No absolutely NOT. William and Catherine need to be free to enjoy their party without worry.”

“No…let Wills and Kate have a party and let them have a great time.”
The comments come after royal expert Neil Sean on his YouTube channel shared the possibility of Harry and Meghan returning to UK.
Mr Sean said: “According to a very good source, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge is very keen for Harry to be invited [to her and William’s joint birthday party].

“Although no mention of Meghan, I noted in the quote I was told.”
He added that Kate would “very much like to see some relationship mounted back together” between the brothers.

He continued: “Apparently she thinks this would be an actual great way of bonding together.

“Birthdays are a time, as she’s pointed out, of celebration, families, and having loved ones around you.”