Stephen King reveals one movie he ‘walks out of as adult’


Stephen King is never afraid to voice his opinion and this time, the popular horror novelist disclosed that he’s only walked out on one movie and that was Transformers.

According to PEOPLE, King made this revelation while responding to the crime novelist Linwood Barclay’s tweet who stated that it was “Jurassic World Dominion where he walked out on in years”.

The Shining author replied, “I have walked out of only one movie as an adult: TRANSFORMERS.”

King also urged his followers to share their first “walk out story” in the same tweet.
“Would like to know what other movies people have walked out on,” he wrote.

When pressed by other Twitter users to specify which one, the author clarified it was “Michael Bay. The first one” in the franchise.

King’s fans and followers replied with their own “walking out story”.
One user commented, “I am so sorry in advance… I walked out of the Mist in 2007…I was 15 years old, I got scared I went because I was a hardcore fan of your books, but I couldn’t stay it was too much.”

For the unversed, King reportedly directed only one movie and that was Maximum Overdrive in 1986.