9 May black day, army installation attackers to be tried in military courts: PM


LAHORE 21 May (Online): Prime Minister (PM) Shebaz Shareef said 09 May is the black day in history. Those who attacked army installations will be tried in military courts.
No innocent will be punished but no criminal will escape: PM
Shebaz Shareef said damaged country just because of ego and stubbornness, this has no example. Country, nation and the institutes are ours. Those who are creating cracks among them cannot be well-wisher, said Shebaz Shareef.
Prime minister directed to make steps to relief people in budget, try to give huge relief to poors in this time of inflation.
According to details PM presided high level meeting on law and order situation which was attended by caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, Federal ministers including Azam Nazir Tarar, Musqid Malik, and special advisors Khawaja Ata Tarar and Sulman Rafiq and otherPakistan Muslim league-Nawaz (Pmln) leaders and security officials.

Pakistan political situation, economic policies and important affairs were discussed in the meeting.
PM made detail consultation with legal team on cases in Supreme Court (SC).
Law minister Azam Nazir Tarar briefed Pm on cases in SC.
Meeting also reviewed issues regarding judicial commission made on the issue of audio leaks. Azam Nazir Tarar brief this matter and said commission can also forensic audio to find the reality. People trust on higher courts is basic and when damages came out on judges credibility then finger are being pointed out.
PM also was briefed on the matter of involved character 09 May and legal capture, steps made till now, arrests and legal developments.
Addressing the meeting PM said cabinet made audio leak commission under the commission of inquiries act 2017. Everythings becomes crystal clear in the report of judicial commission.

He said these groups on the order of Imran Niazi has made terrorist in the clothes of Pakistan and they did country enmity and they unfortunately did what enemy cannot done in 75 years.
Keep in mind that banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) attacked General Head Quarter (GHQ) and they Pakistani like enemies also attacked GHQ. Set Radio Pakistan on fire. Did damages in FC School. Set Quaid-e-Azam house Lahore on fire which is now Jinnah house and residence of corps commanders, added Prime Minister.

He further went on that many incident happened on that day which will keep nation’s mentally torture forever. So this has been decided that any person who was involved in planning, provocation, abuse, slogans or made hardware damages cannot escape from the iron hands of law.
PM maintained that it had been decided in National Security Council (NSC) that those who damaged civilian installations will be tried in Anti-Terrorist Court (ATC) and those who made damages to military installations will be tried in military courts as per law.
This is not joke that terrorist attack on Air Force installations in Karachi and made billions of damages and Imran Niazi gourp reach to Mianwali and set on fire the jet used against enemy which was made of people money, said PM.

He said we had made official decision that incident occured in Punjab, Sindh, KP and to take the review on their development.
we requested Punjab caretaker government to fulfill responsibilities on this issue, said PM
Further he maintained that he directed ministers to work hard to restore people confidence on institutes.