The highest US civil award announced for Pakistan born US citizen


Top US civil award has been announced for a Pakistan born US citizen Khizr Moazzam Khan. :

Khizr Moazzam Khan, is father of US soldier Capt Humayun Khan who earned the fame in 2016 for challenging Trump’s knowledge of the US Constitution and died during the Iraq war will get America’s highest civilian award – the Presidential Medal of Freedom – from President Joe Biden on July 7.

The founder of the Center for Constitutional Literacy and National Integration is among 17 individuals from across the US who will receive the award this year.

The term ‘Gold Star Parents’ is used for those whose children die while fighting for America.

Khizr Moazzam Khan and Ghazala Khan are the parents of Captain Humayun Khan of the US Army, who was killed in 2004 during the Iraq War.

“The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the nation’s highest civilian honor awarded to individuals who have made exemplary contributions to America’s prosperity, values or security, world peace, or other significant social, public or private endeavours,” the White House said. announced on Friday.

“Khizr Khan is a leading advocate of the rule of law and religious freedom and served on the US Commission on International Religious Freedom under President Biden,” the statement said.

Khan who was born in Gujranwala was moved to the US in 1980, is the first Pakistani American to receive the award.