Kanwar Arsalan talks about issues faced by male actors


Talented actor Kanwar Arsalan and his spouse Fatima Effendi, who is also an actor herself, recently appeared in a private television channel’s show.

During programme, Kanwar opened up about the monetary struggles faced by male actors except for a few big names. He said that life of social media is different than our real lives.

It has become really hard to make money from industry”. He said that the kind of home social media associates with actors is not the reality, had it been a reality (except for a few actors), we would only be doing acting whole of our lives but it’s is not like that. Talking about money related issues Fatima said that she only gets a little delay in payments but she never faces other issues.

“But I am bread earner of my family, being a man, these money issues affect me more than Fatima. Also, it’s not that she works all the time as she stopped working but I am the one who work and earn for family,” Arsalan however disagreed with his wife.