Banners carrying anti Imran Khan slogans put on display at Murree road


Banners inscribed with slogans against Imran Khan and PTI have been put on display on Murree road.

The banners which were put on display on the night between Friday and Saturday carried the allegations of corruption leveled against corruption committed during Imran Khan government.

One of the banners which has attracted the attention of people is inscribed with the slogan “PTI involved in corruption stands exposed.

The other banners are inscribed with the slogans “who talks of self –reliance after enhancing Pakistan foreign loan by 80 percent is juggler.

Another banner highlighted the alleged corruption of Farah Gogi saying “ commission agent Farah Gogi has gone where after plundering people money. Imran Khan jawab do.

One banner said Imran Khan assets jacked up by 250 percent during five years.

The other banners speak out “ Mera Tohfa Meri Marzi. Certified chore, Tosha Khana chori is on the record. Jo karna ha kar lo. People of Rawalpindi and Islamabad reject Imran Khan.