Heavy rains in Rawalpindi, water enters low-lying areas


Heavy rains in Olpandi, Islamabad caused water to enter low-lying areas. Due to accumulation of rain water on Murree Road, several ambulances got stuck in a traffic jam.

Due to rain, long queues of vehicles were formed at Liaqat Bagh, Committee Chowk and Merid Chowk.

In Dhok Kala Khan, the ambulance got stuck in the rain water. The locals pulled the ambulance out of the water with their help.

Commissioner Rawalpindi has issued a high alert to the concerned agencies due to fear of flood in Nala Lei.

Commissioner Rawalpindi said that the water level is being monitored continuously and the machinery of WASA is in constant motion.

The Commissioner Rawalpindi has been directed by the Commissioner Rawalpindi to keep their alert system updated and keep the people informed of the situation in a timely manner.

Commissioner Rawalpindi said that water should be extracted from low lying areas immediately and a report should be submitted.

It should be noted that heavy rains in Rawalpindi broke the heat wave and the weather became pleasant.

According to the district administration, 11 mm of rain was recorded in Shamsabad and 36 mm in Chaklala, while the water level at Kataria in Nala Lei was 4 feet and at Gawalmandi 5 feet.