Solidarity expressed by Nation on 8th October 2005 is unparalleled and exemplary: Asad Qaisar


Islamabad October 8 (Online): National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser has said that the solidarity and unity expressed by the Nation on the tragic day of 8th October 2005 is unparalleled and exemplary.

In his message while recalling the tragic day of 8th October 2005, he said that devastating Earthquake was trial for the Nation and it emerged successful to overcome this challenge.

Asad Qaiser said the nation did not forget the people who lost their lives in this tragic incident and prayed for the solace and peace of departed souls.
He remarked that nation stood shoulder by shoulder with those brethren who lost their near and dear ones.

The Speaker said that rehabilitation of affectees of this tragic earthquake was an uphill challenge which was overcome by the national unity and assistance of the friendly countries.