Yasir Nawaz reveals Nida Yasir’s ‘worst habit’


ISLAMABAD – July 14 (ONLINE) Leading Pakistani actor, director and producer Yasir Nawaz recently appeared in a television show, where he talked about his spouse and famous host Nida Yasir’s ‘worst habit’.

Talking about Nida’s habit to ‘interrupt’, he said that Nida doesn’t listen his complete story and cuts him in the middle of his talk and assigns duties to him. He did reenactment of Nida Yasir’s habit with Aaadi on request, have a look at his reenacment.

He further said, “I always say to her, ‘Am I dragging the show, the way you cut me, it seems that I’m dragging show and you are cutting me out for the sake of rating, I, then talk more slowly, I mean Am I a stupid person or what”.

He further said that Nida takes care of me and whenever I asks her for tea and stuff, she makes for me”.