The Army has no authority or jurisdiction to engage in business ventures: IHC


ISLAMABAD (Muhammad Basharat) – The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has issued a detailed judgment in the Margalla Hills case in a 108-page judgment issued by Chief Justice Atharmanullah. The court ordered action against those responsible for the destruction of Margalla Hills National Park, declared the construction of the Navy Golf Course illegal and asked the Ministry of Defense to investigate.

The court also rejected the ownership claim of the Pakistan Army Directorate on 8068 acres of land in the National Park and the lease agreement of the Pakistan Army Farms Directorate with Monal Restaurant was also declared illegal. The court also included the report of the Islamabad Environmental Commission in its decision and said that it was the duty of the state and government officials to protect Margalla Hills and it was the responsibility of the state to take action against those violating the fundamental rights of the people. Ironically, state institutions are involved in the desecration of the Margalla Hills protected notified area.

The Pakistan Navy and the Pakistan Army took the law into their own hands and violated the enforced laws. This was an ideal case of weakening the rule of law and arresting the elites. Take steps to remedy it so that it can be saved from further destruction. The court also said that the negligence of man has already endangered his own survival and the people necessary for human survival have been severely harmed.

There are few who benefit from the destruction of the natural environment and all the affected people, no ordinary citizen violates the environmental laws, and the same institutions that were supposed to serve the people violate the laws. It should be noted that the court The short order was issued on January 11, 2022, and now Chief Justice Atharmanullah has signed the said detailed decision before going on leave.