Study finds no evidence that vegan diet benefits specific blood type

ISLAMABAD, December 14 (online): Proponents of the blood type diet claim that people with type A blood benefit most from a vegan diet. However, a new study found no link between diet and blood type. The researchers instead suggest that plant-based diets are beneficial for people of all blood types.
The blood type diet tailors an individual’s eating patterns to specific food items to maximize the health benefits.
When looking at cardiometabolic factors, or a person’s chance of stroke, diabetes, and heart disease, the findings of a 2014 study did not support tailoring diets to blood types.
Although the results did show that people on the Type A diet — which involves eating high amounts of grains, fruits, and vegetables — had a lower body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference, as well as reduced blood pressure, cholesterol, and fat, these improvements in risk factors were not dependent on blood type.